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Our worship team is full of dynamic, unique, and passionate musicians who are enthusiastic about leading people into the presence of God.


Here you will find a set of small guidelines we ask of our worship team before rostering them on a platform for a weekend service.

Living Stone WORSHIP Team Standards and Expectations:

Vocalist Team:

We expect musicians to participate in our Creative Team Nights as they occur, this helps ensure they are well integrated into church and are leading not just on the platform but also in the community of like minded people.

●  They are expected to know all recent songs with correct parts.

●  All songs are accessible on Chartbuilder

●  Platform singers are expected to have good character in line with the

expectation of our senior leaders.

●  Platform vocalists are expected to have a real, relevant and current
relationship with Jesus.

●  Platform vocalists are expected to dress in a way that is respectful of the s

○ Vocalists should be mindful of how they will appear on screens that “huge”..

●  Platform vocalists are expected to be at rehearsals for special events, such as Mother’s and Father’s day items, Communion Rehearsals, Christmas Rehearsals and specials, etc.

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